An Extra Helping of Helpful Budgeting Tips for Black Friday

November 22nd, 2022 by Legacy Wealth Planning

Black Friday is sometimes the largest shopping holiday of the entire year. Millions of people typically shop in stores or online on Black Friday to score the top deals on must-have holiday gifts. While it may be easy to become overwhelmed by Black Friday deals, it is always helpful to practice good budgeting to keep yourself from overspending or purchasing more items than you need. Check out some helpful budgeting tips to help you stay on track while taking advantage of Black Friday deals.

1. Work With a List

The number of deals on Black Friday may be overwhelming. Avoid impulse purchases and make sure that you stick to the items you need by shopping with a list.

2. Know the Deals

Take the time to research the sales and specials at each location, so you know where you to find the greatest savings. This makes it easier to plan your shopping strategy, too.

3. Sign Up for Reward Cards

Reward cards may provide additional savings on top of the already low prices. Determine which stores you plan to shop at and sign up for rewards if they are available.

4. Have a Limit for Each Category

While Black Friday shopping is the most popular time to purchase Christmas gifts, it is also a good time to stock up for things for your own home and other essentials. Determine a budget for each category of spending you plan to make, so you don’t end up with more gifts than essentials or vice versa.

5. Develop a Strategy

Black Friday has changed greatly over the years. With competition getting stronger each year, stores are constantly evolving their strategy. That means stores may offer Black Friday deals at different times to draw in more customers. Draft a strategy so that you are more likely to hit the stores at the ideal time. Remember the top deals are often limited, so timing is essential.

6. Plan Ahead

Instead of putting your shopping on a credit card and paying down the debt over the holidays, plan ahead by saving for your Black Friday budget as soon as possible. Determine the amount you want to spend and the amount you may need to put away each month to satisfy that goal without affecting your normal budget.

Take the stress out of Black Friday shopping by following the budgeting tips listed above.

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