Legacy Wealth Planning Turns 18!

March 13th, 2024 by Legacy Wealth Planning

Late Summer 2004 – Why not go independent and buy our own building, create equity, get a better income for our work, and most importantly, service our clients as we need and want to?

These were the thoughts going through our minds when we began to wonder what building our own business would look like and whether we could manage that feat.  Within a few months there were 2, then 3, then 4 of us planning diligently to create a company we could call our own. It took over a year, but by spreading our resources we were able to find the right Broker-Dealer – LPL Financial, a new building we could customize, and more importantly recruit Bob Buss, Rosemary Cowen, Pam Ferges, and Jenny Singer to join us in moving our businesses and creating an entirely new company.

There are many moments to remember for sure: Meeting weekly at Mark’s home; our afternoon in an unfinished shell of our building on a dirt floor hoping to get inspired in naming our new company; meeting with attorneys to make sure we were legal and doing things correctly; and the final dash of moving on Thursday evening the 6th of March 2006. And who can forget the flood on the floor in our brand-new building on the morning of the 17th, our first day? Happy St. Pat’s Day indeed – but I seem to remember a corn beef and cabbage lunch came with it.

Our new habits and mantras came early and quickly as we learned to work WITH and FOR each other, recognizing that in our new submarine our old model of working for profit, regardless of other advisors, was no longer fruitful.  Legacy’s comfortable new home has become a great place to come to and work, all people – employees and clients are respected and welcome.  How fast it has all gone by.

Fast forward to now – 2024, to our 18th Birthday on St. Patrick’s Day when we look forward to our next decade or 2 or 3….and to working with you – our clients and friends.  We use these words together recognizing our success comes not just from our work but from those we work with and care for.  

So, Thank You Very Much from all of us at Legacy Wealth Planning and Thank You Very Much for Your Business!  We appreciate each of you and look forward to seeing you soon!


Phil, Mark, Chris, Martin, Elise, Wendy, Bodie, Jon, Rosemary, Ashlee, Jenny, Colten, and Nick

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