Small Business Spotlight: Wonder and Unwind

August 9th, 2023 by Legacy Wealth Planning

My name is Bailey Felten and I am the Creator and Owner of Wonder & Unwind!

  • I grew up in Reno, NV
  • I earned two degrees (Human Development Family Studies/Psychology) from UNR
  • I have twin boys (5 years), and a little girl (2 months)
  • I have an unwavering passion for early childhood development and socialization

My education, personal passion and my kiddos were my inspiration to create Wonder & Unwind. My boys were born at 27 weeks and spent their first 10 weeks fighting in the NICU. Suddenly, my personal life integrated with my academics regarding the realm of how crucial early intervention is. When they were still very young, I started researching resources in Reno and quickly realized something was missing. Why was there no place in Reno to take your children to learn through play and socialize as well as be able to indulge in a little self-care for myself? As a parent, it just made sense! So, with a lot of planning, hard work, and LOVE, Wonder & Unwind was created for our incredible community.

For the little ones, we have an Infant Room, Quiet Room, Science (STEAM) Room, and a large Outdoor/Indoor Playroom. Among the different rooms, all our toys and equipment support all areas of development. These are speech/language, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, sensory processing, and social-emotional skills.

For the caregivers, we have a Coffee/Tea Bar (with snacks!) and a caregiver lounge with cozy chairs and couches, free Wi-Fi, complimentary infused and regular water and more. The best part is that we have staff to supervise and guide the kiddos through their play, so the caregivers can “unwind” if they need to!

Our Mission

Wonder & Unwind strives to be an all-inclusive environment for children in every developmental stage. Children with developmental delays/disabilities, learning disabilities, and those who are on-track in their development are all welcome! We focus heavily on unstructured play and self-discovery for children to learn by getting back to the basics of building their skills through play, socialization, and fun; everything a child should be offered. Furthermore, we provide an opportunity for caregivers to be able to relax and take a moment for themselves to unwind and reset. A healthy caregiver is the foundation of a healthy home and family life!

The main reward I have received from opening Wonder & Unwind is simply how many “thank you’s” we get for creating this safe space. The pure, joyous, overwhelming pride I feel when I hear how beneficial our facility is for these families makes it all worth it. Every single day, it’s worth it! Since Wonder & Unwind is essentially a brand-new concept in Reno, the success we have accomplished has been such a relief! We were taking a massive risk, not only opening during a global pandemic in June 2020, but in general. All I can say is thank YOU, from my family to the families that visit and leave us fulfilled with a smile on our faces at the end of every day. We are forever grateful to you as none of this would be possible without the gracious support you provide.

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